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Can i get a clean title after 7 years?

Ok, there is a piece of property I want to buy. the original owner is there but her deed to the property is joint tenancy with rights to survivorship. We can not find the other person on the deed. We hired a PI, who can't find him and there is no death cert. so I assume he is still alive. Can we go through the sale anyways and if the other owner doesn't come forward within 7 years we can get a clean title? is this legal? If not then what happens to the property? the county cant take it legaly if they cant find the other owner either right?

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    It's not right to survivorship.  It's right OF survivorship.  I think you should be dealing with an attorney.  YOU can't get clean title.  The person SELLING the property is legally obligated to provide clear title OR walk away from the deal.  If my husband vanishes tomorrow and you want to buy my house you CANNOT get clear title unless both of us sign "off."  It's just that simple.

    I am astonished that a PI couldn't find the other person on the title, astonished.  Was he/she a LICENSED PI or someone who just called himself/herself a PI?  I work with LPI's, they have access to all sorts of private records, this is hard to believe.

    Why would you buy property from one owner when there are two owners?  No, there is no law that you automatically get the property if the owner (1 or 2) doesn't come forward in seven years.  In fact, I have no idea what you are talking about? Abandonment of property?  Adverse possession?  Something else?

    Of course the County can take the property if taxes are unpaid.  The County is NOT a private entity.  You ARE a private entity.  Different laws control this situation.

    No, that's not "right."

    You need to speak with an attorney.  Your understanding is very muddled.

  • 8 months ago

    Only a title insurance company can answer your question.

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  • 8 months ago

    The county does not need the other owner to seize it for a tax auction.

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      oh. ok thank you. So i suppose thats whats going to happen then thank you

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  • Rick
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    8 months ago

    Have to take it to Court ..........................................

    • Kat8 months agoReport

      before i can even get the title in the first place?

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