did Joseph the Carpenter pay his tax?

in Roman money (Denarius).


in Tyrian Shekels.

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  • Justin
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    9 months ago

    There were a number of different 'taxes' applied. Carpenters didn't pay individual tax directly. They were organized into guilds and the guilds had 'dues' which were raised or lowered based on tax rates. It was comparable to paying only corporate taxes with your salary adjusted accordingly. 

    Jesus did similarly until after His ministry began, at which point we see Him refuse to pay individual taxes until Caesar's goons actually came out to confront Him about it. After being confronted, Jesus did not decide to pay taxes out of righteous commerce or money collected for the poor because He claimed that 'the sons,' (His word for 'citizens'), were naturally exempt from taxation. However, in order to 'end the offense,' (His words), He sent His followers out on an inspired 'treasure hunt' to recover a lost or neglected coin worth twice what He owed and gave the goons that, thus, cleverly returning some of Caesar's own misappropriated wealth to him instead, (Matthew 17:24-27). 

  • Most myths use Harry Potter coinage .. 

     Like yearly Joseph would of given Caesar one used magic broom 

    or one new magic broom ever two years  .

  • 9 months ago

    we were not there and TIRH not financial

  • 9 months ago

    The bible does not tell us, we do not know

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