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Why is the KFC recipe secret?

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  • 9 months ago

    I worked as a great marketing tool for Coca Cola, so I guess the Colonel tried the same deal. Here's a copy cat recipe that comes close to the original:

    From the NY Times in August 2016.

    11 spices..mix with 2 Cups of flour

    2/3 tsp salt

    1/2 tsp thyme

    1/2 tsp basil

    1/3 tsp oregano

    1 Tb celery salt

    1 Tb black pepper

    1 tsp dry mustard

    4 tsp paprika

    2 Tb garlic salt

    1 Tb ground ginger

    3 Tb white pepper.

    The test kitchen at the paper tried it and there was "something missing" they added a sprinkling of Accent (msg) on the chicken and they stated that it was virtually indistinguishable from KFC

    The other thing they did in the test kitchen was to soak the chicken in buttermilk with 1 beaten egg.

  • IvaB
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    9 months ago

    I would think you might have a clue with your anonymous self.They're hiding something.,but in the case of KFC,they at least have a good reason.

  • denise
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    9 months ago

    Because the outlets would be out of customers if the recipe was known.

  • 9 months ago

    We don't know , that's why it is secret..

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Branding on an industrial scale is the very heart and soul of your wallet. While the bakery down the street may just roll up some flour and sugar to make doughnuts, and they may be pretty good. You know when you bite into a Krispy Cream doughnut. That recognizable, unique, and brand-able experience is why you drive passed 3 local bakeries to get Krispy Cream. I've heard they use soy or barely flour and 25 other ingredients to make a product, not just a doughnut.

    Some brands might go as far as to patent whole new machines to produce their product. I hear KFC is a pressure cooker process on top of the particular blend of spices. Some other brand who's name escapes me "rented" the right to use the recipe for decades until someone bought it outright for millions of dollars.

    Just as much the name, color scheme, etc defines a brand. With food, the taste and texture also have to be unique. And that often requires heavy processing which goes a long way to explain why fast food is unhealthy and why your home cooking doesn't taste like fast food. It's also a sad observation that many people only compare food to their base experience; fast food.

  • 9 months ago

    Restaurants like to use the term "proprietary" which means that they came up with the idea and don't want any two-bit idiot copying them. It's not just the ingredients but also the cooking and preparation process that can make a dish unique

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Because it’s bugs n stuff you wouldn’t eat

  • 9 months ago

    If people knew what was in it, they wouldn't eat the stuff.

  • 9 months ago

    There’s no copyright on recipes so if a rival gets their hands on the recipe they can make and sell the fried chicken and put KFC out of business. 

    People can make it at home and don’t have to overpay by going to kfc. 

  • Mark
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    9 months ago

    Most restaurant recipes are "secret", but if you have taste buds, it's pretty obvious what it is in it.

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