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Should pedophiles and rapists be Transferred to women's prisons just because they claim to be female?

A rapist and paedophile who was transferred to a women’s prison after claiming to be female and assaulted four inmates there made no more effort to be a woman than wearing wigs and dresses, former neighbours say.  


Karen White, 52, a former drag artist from Manchester previously known as Stephen Wood, then David Thompson, claimed to be transgender to the authorities. Despite knowing that White had undergone no physical changes and was a paedophile on remand for multiple rapes with a long record of sexual and violent offences against women, the authorities permitted a transfer to HMP New Hall, a prison near Wakefield with a mother-and-baby unit. White committed the assaults within days of the move and was transferred back to a men’s prison.

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    HECK NO HECK NO......WHAT A MESS THAT would be.

  • 9 months ago

    What we are seeing now is mass insanity.

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    Rapists claim to be female!? Do some more studying.

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    9 months ago

    Did you smoke a bowl, today, with DRUGS ARE WITHIN YOU?

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    What are you on? Male pedophiles and rapists DO NOT claim to be female.

    also frw (very few) transsexuals are pedophiles or rapists

    You are just showing your ignorance and bigotry.

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    First off, you don't seem to have any clue about identity. Secondly, since trans people are outliers and not the norm, each trans prisoner case should be taken by itself, and not the entire thing dealt with by broad laws that can easily be abused.

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