Your monthly salary is $5200. After taxes you net $3030.00. You received a raise and your new monthly salary is $5700.00. ?

What is your net salary?

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  • 9 months ago

    Cannot be answered based on such limited information. Not all deductions are percentage-based. Just one fixed-cost deduction will throw the entire calculation off if you try to work this from the percentage angle.

    And, tax DEDUCTIONS from periodic pay have NOTHING to do with the actual tax, which is computed based on the entire year's earnings and allowable deductions. The only thing those periodic deductions play a role in is whether or not you owe still more tax at year's end, or have a refund coming.

  • 9 months ago

    Assuming it’s the same percent for tax:  


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    9 months ago

    Impossible to determine from the information given. Some deductions from pay are based on a percentage of income, while others are fixed costs, so some will increase as income does, and others won't, and some may even see an increase to the percentage withheld as income passes particular levels. 

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