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Abraham heard a voice tell him to cut off his foreskin and murder his son. Why is he the founder of three different religions?

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    He was crazy and so are people who believe in god.

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    I don't see any reason to get overly excited because of a tradition of body modification. Tattoos, piercings, earlobe plugs ... body modification is a common thing.

    As to his son, you have to check out how a Bible story ends to figure out the point. In that one, the story ends with God telling him he should do no such thing. The probable source for that story is from a time when neighboring tribes were, in fact, sacrificing their children (throwing live infants into fires) and taunting the Hebrews with the notion that it proved they were more devoted to their gods. The purpose of the story is to give the Hebrews a basis for rejecting the practice, not adopting it.

  • The monotheistic god concept turned heads and raised mono-brows 4000 years ago.

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    Abraham is a fictional character.

    Ancient Hebrews were Canaanites, not Chaldeans.

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