no offense but why is that East Asians I come across tend to be either too skinny or chubby/flabby?

I dunno if its genetics, but I rarely come across an East Asian that is genetically just built to be strong and athletic like many blacks and europeans


I've seen East Asian guys that go to the gym and have muscle, but many of them had to work extra hard since they don't have the genetics and many still have narrow shoulders and frames compared to your average black or white guy 

Update 2:

I've seen this also with south asian Indians and Pakistanis. the men tend to be either really skinny underweight or have too much flab

Update 3:

also I noticed this during my trip to Japan.

the japanese guys I come across are just flat skinny chests and small shouldered or have round chubby bodies without much muscle 

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  • 8 months ago

    thats true, i noticed that aswell. black men and white men tend to have bigger, stronger frames, they have nice, broad manly shoulders. they look alot healthier. thats another reason why i dont find most asians attractive. they're just build weird. im not trying to sound offensive either, lol but yh ur right

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Because Asian men are natural janitors, just like black women are natural butchers.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Lack of Sexual dimorphism. Men from East Asia/South Asia aren't much stronger than their female counterparts like white men. It's just because throughout the history, women from East Asia/South Asia haven't much reproduced with physically strong men due to which men don't have the genes to be strong. 

    East Asian/South Asian men have always been used as a provider by their women, not as a protector. If you compare an Indian or Chinese guy with a White guy, there is a lot of physical difference. But if you compare an Indian or Pakistani woman with a white woman, the Indian/Pakistani woman is much stronger and masculine.

    In men's wrestling, white males tend to dominate much on East Asian/Indian males. But in women's wrestling,  it's the Japanese, Chinese and Indian women who dominate on white women. So, that's both biological and genetic.

    The environment of East Asia and South Asia was very harsh in nature which didn't favoured the importance of physically strong men. But actually, the environment favored men who have high social status and intellect. When a man is intelligent and a weakling, he doesn't prefer physically weak women like white males.

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  • Seff
    Lv 4
    8 months ago


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