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Legal question?

There was an insane woman my dad use to work with and she tried getting him to cheat and he did..she always always texted me. She was going through stuff and so I decided to check up on her after everything happened. I texted her and she said she had a new phone which was a lie based on others who work with her..So, I thought she just forgot who I am even though my number was saved to her phone. Anyways, we were going to meet then the day came and she randomly texted called me a Jackass. I reminded her who I was and she said something really messed up. Then had called me threatening that she was going to go to the cops for harassing and stalking which I didn’t stalk nor harass her, she told me before to talk to her whenever and tried getting my mom to talk to her even meet up. Anyways here’s the screenshots, can someone tell me if she could cause any trouble for my family by going to the cops?


I commented what the screenshots read since they are blurry.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Mind your own business.

  • Maxi
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    9 months ago

    Sounds like you are the one who is insane.....what are you playing at getting involved with her for...

  • 9 months ago

    Apparently her crazy is contagious and both you and your Dad have become infected.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Since the screenshot is blurry here is the screenshots:

    Feb23 (her): You're so pretty!! Inside and out. 💖💝💟

    Feb23 (me): So are you!!! 

    Sunday (me): Hey! Do you still work at giacamos? I want to come see you and see how you're doing. You were going through a lot when we last talked and I am up in that area a lot more so I figured if you still work there I could possibly visit you one day?

    Sunday (her): Who is this? Sorry new phone.

    Sunday (me): You'll know me when you see me lol So, are you still working there or new job?

    Sunday (her): Who is this? Annoyed. Yeah. I'm there. See you at 5 on Monday.

    Monday (her): Jackass

    Monday (me): This is ——? You are —— right? I use to waitress at ———, it’s——.

    Tuesday (her): I'm sorry you're brain cancer didn't cure ur crazy "——". Go stalk someone else Felicia.

    Tuesday (me): Nobody said anything about brain cancer. The only insane person is you. You are cussing at someone randomly and claiming I have brain cancer? Don't worry I'll be going to your boss about this. 

    Tuesday (her): That's a great idea ——. I'm shaking.

    Tuesday (me): Actually it's not ——, it's ——. (: You know the 17 year old? My dad heard it all. Before you claim you're going to cops for me harassing you, none of it was stalking nor harassment. You are a special kind of insane. Oh and...the fact you wanted to talk a while ago and said message you whenever, you couldn't claim it's harassment. What you did is harassment, I wasnt saying anything rude then you message me calling me Jackass. Then I didn't say anything wrong and you start going on about brain cancer saying we are crazy. You are on a whole nother level of insane. What you did was harass ME.

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