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I'm a new driver and made a bad turn, could I get reported or what are the consequences?

I just recently got my license. Was in a area I was unfamiliar with at night trying to make a turn and missed the turn. But to make things worse I turned into a what I thought was the lane but it was a storm drain or alley of some sort. I stopped before going to far, l till the oncoming traffic was at a stop and then quickly reversed and actually pulled into the parking lot. I'm not saying I'm wrong and if I had gotten pulled over I'd accept the ticket. But I'm curious because some other cars followed me for a couple mins or maybe it's just paranoia.. I dont know, I'm just wondering what could be repercussions for this? Or should I just forget about it?

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    No repercussions. The police have to actually see you do something, they cannot give you a ticket based on a report.

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    Don't worry about "getting reported". If the police acted on every "report" they receive from the public they'd never have time to do anything else. Unless the report is about something really serious they'll file it in the round filing cabinet on the floor.

    You'll only get a ticket if a cop saw you do something wrong and even then any reasonable cop would stop you and tell you to be careful in future.

    Everyone makes mistakes. I've been driving for 43 years, I've never had a ticket or a point on my licence, but I still make mistakes.

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    I think you should continue writing about it forever.

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    If you worry about things like that, you'll never drive again. You have to think about what you did wrong, and how you could have done it better. You were going too fast to make your turn, and when you missed it, you don't get frustrated or excited over it and just continue to the next clear intersection and not just rush into the next possible turn. If your phone doesn't have GPS, which it should, maybe you need one of the semi-obsolete stand-alone ones. As to driving slow to make your first turn, if people are behind you they can go around you or wait for you. It's not illegal to drive slowly except on major highways. Calm down when driving. Police didn't pull you over. We all have driving stories, most much more exciting than yours.

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    You think that a police officer is going to take a verbal report from some random person, drive to your home, and write you a ticket for something he did not see?!?!?!?!!?

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    You shouldn't just forget about it. But you also shouldn't take it too seriously.  I mean, nobody died.  It was a mistake anyone could make (well, any new driver).  It should remind you to be more careful next time.  But if it was really just a new-driver mistake, I don't think a cop would have given you a ticket.

    I was in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) a few  years ago.  Their traffic signs are a little different from ours.  I made a right turn and found myself on railroad tracks!  (There was like a steel grate around the tracks.)  I stopped right away, and there was a cop right there who saw the whole thing.  He helped me back up back onto the road.  He couldn't have been nicer about it.  I'm sure he saw my license plate and knew I wasn't from around there.  I felt like an idiot, and I did expect to get a ticket, but what purpose would that have served?

    Another time in Canada, a cop pulled me over.  I had no idea for what.  I rolled my window down and he said 'Tell me, is it legal to make a right turn on a red light in Califorina?'  (I have California plates).  I said yes, it is.  I just thought it was everywhere.  He said 'It's not legal in Canada.'  But he didn't give me a ticket.  It was an honest mistake, plus I did it carefully, in a safe way.

    Anyway, Canada has the nicest, most polite cops in the world. I don't know what you have to do to get a ticket there.  8^)  But in these cases I think a US cop would have done the same thing.

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    Unless there were traffic cameras there, you're fine. Lots of people do stupid stuff every day, but if there's no police officer there to observe it, nothing happens. 

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    Forget about it. Most all moving violations must be witnessed by the police to be issued to a person.

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