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Does HDR play in 2160p or only in 1080?

I’m not that familiar with HDR TVs. I have it playing in HDR mode but it only reaches 1080. Does HDR play in HDR while in 2160? 

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  • 8 months ago

    HDR is a form of enhancement for brightness and colour. 

    The source (program / channel / network / disc / stream) 

    has to be HDR encoded in order for your TV to display it.  


    Personally --- I don't like it. 

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  • khalil
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    8 months ago

    hdr relates to the quality of a video ........

    a 2160 video is shown on a 1080 tv but two adjacent pixels and lines will be converted to a pixel and a line .... decreasing quality ...

    hd tv ... 1080 lines with 1920 pixels per line ....

    uhd or 4k tv .... 2160 lines with 3840 pixels per line ...

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  • P
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    8 months ago

    HDR can play in both 2160p and 1080p.  While some TV's have various modes called different things to enhance non-HDR content, true HDR can only be viewed with HDR videos.  Nothing on network tv or cable will be HDR, but some shows on streaming services like Netflix will be in HDR.    There's a lot of things that can stop HDR from displaying correctly, but it depends on what you are using to view 4k HDR content.  Your TV can't make something 2160p HDR that wasn't encoded as such.  

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