Is a Samsung micro sd card always high quality?

I bought an unbranded 1 Tb card for $7.99 and I suspect it's junk I should throw in the trash. Even though 1 tb is showing up on my phone.

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    All of those cheap "high capacity" SD cards are garbage. They're modified to show that they have more capacity than they actually do. The card will appear to work fine, but once you use up its true capacity, it will begin overwriting and corrupting files you have on it.

    Take a look at this video:

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  • WB
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    3 weeks ago

    Samsung has several levels of quality. Pay a little extra and get a card that lasts, and works good. There are a few others that are good, but I don't remember them now. Google SD card reviews.

  • Here is the 1 terabyte $8 card displaying on my phone. 

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  • .
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    3 weeks ago

    they all are made in the same factory

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