Big toes numbness/tingling after tight shoes and walking?

Hi. A month ago I was on a trip where I went to a concert and wore really tight shoes, I spent about 8 hours in them but since I was having great time I didn't even notice that they were uncomfortable or something. Next 3 days I wore other shoes and was walking very much. I'm not sure it's because of walking or tight shoes but my big toes of both feet became numb and kinda tingly. When I'm sitting or when I'm walking in shoes I don't feel it, I mostly feel it when I walk on bare feet, especially when I wake up in the morning and get out of bed. There's no pain or anything else. I would even say the numbness is in only some parts of big toes and it really feels strange. Now it's been a month.

What is it? Will it go away? Can I do something to make it go away?

I'm 23 y.o. girl.

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