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Since this is already the time of the 4k TV resolution, why isn’t Blu-ray disk(Full HD 1080p)still not the mainstream?

Many people still use DVDs now

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    Blu-Ray is in a tough spot because it's a physical medium in an age when streaming has caught on big time, and even before that the players and media have been rather expensive. Sometimes sheer awesomeness just isn't enough to push a buyer over the edge.

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    There's still a glut of DVD's on the market that can be purchased or rented for next to nothing and many older people don't care about the quality.     In some ways it's not that big of a difference on TVs smaller than 40 inches so I can't blame them.

    Regardless the studio's have put minimal investment in blue-rays because most people are with 4k smart tv's are buying digital copies and just streaming them.    

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    I don't need better resolution than what normal DVDs provide. 

    That's one reason why I have no need for an HD TV, 

    let alone 4k or higher, or for a BD player. 

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    A 4K TV is great - but it requires that the original filming be done using 4K cameras and that the viewers eyes are good enough to see 4K. The older we get the worse our eyes and ears become for some people. So seeing and hearing so for some people means that a 4K TV's will not give them the same viewing pleasure it would for someone younger who potentially has better eyesight. Ditto for audiophiles and headphones and what they can actually hear - regardless of how good the headphones and music system and format is, the sound could potentially be not that  great due to the human physical failings.

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