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How do I deal with a jealous friend nicely?

I have a friend who always feels outshone by me, because I’ve always had more success than her.  I never boast about it and am not interested in competing with her or anyone else.  She was fine until I started losing weight and people including a hot male friend of ours started noticing me.  I didn’t brag or try to rub it in.  She’s attractive too, but I’m better looking and she cares about that and even our male friends have started to notice her jealousy.  She tries to upstage or put me down even in front of friends and she’s started trying to flirt with the man I like-she wants him simply because he’s interested in me.  It’s reached a point where I don’t want to tell her about anything good that happens to me.  I was too afraid to tell her that I like our mutual friend, because I thought she’d find a way to sabotage me.  Should I just ignore it, avoid ever talking about anything I’ve worked for, or just act normal?  She’s only happy with bad stuff.  

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  • Chanel
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    11 months ago
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    She feels insecure and the reason she is flirting with your guy is hoping he will show her attention more than you.

    Her being jealous is a compliment.

  • Pearl
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    11 months ago

    i wouldnt be friends with someone like that

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