How to make this phrase grammatically correct in Hebrew.?

Using these root words:

חכמה, בינה, דעת

Can you translate the following sentence below into Hebrew as follows...

"Solomon the wise, understanding and knowledgeable."

How would this be written grammatically correct?

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    9 months ago

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  • TNO
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    9 months ago

    Hebrew is my 3rd language, and while conversational I'm not fluent, but I'll give it a go.

    In keeping with literal English rhetoric, maintaining the framework of "the + x" and th words you want to use, I'd say : "Shlomo ha'Khakham, ha'Bina v'Ba'al ha'Yediut". שלמה החכם, הבינה ובעל הידיעות in Hebrew writing. 

    Shlomo/שלמה is Solomon in Hebrew. Easy enough. 

    Ha-/ה, as you can guess, is a prefix meaning "the" akin to Arabic's al-. Khakam/חכם is wise, and ha'khakham/החכם is the translation for "the wise one". For pronunciation, keep in mind that the /kh/ sound isn't found in English. Look up "voiceless pharyngeal fricative" if you need help pronouncing it or at least want to know what it sounds like. But after this, there is a caveat that there may be better ways of translating it than what I provide. 

    Bina/בינה is "understanding", but unlike the first word it's the noun form. I'm not sure you can use the word like that, since it's just the basic term for an understanding; but, I don't know how else to maintain your request without changing the root or structure. There are nouns where you throw on the "ha-" and it sounds fine, so perhaps it works here too, I don't know. My mind wants to translate "Solomon the Understanding" as "Solomon who understands" which is Shlomo she'mevin (שלמה שמבין). While that keeps the requested roots, it does lose the ha-/the structure. 

    Lastly, knowledgeable in Hebrew using the Y-D-_ root structure you want is Ba'al Yediut/בעל ידיעות, a compound word. Ba'al/בעל is lord, and yedi'ut/ידיעות is knowledge. With compoud words like this, the ha- typically goes on the second word. I know it sounds clunky, if you were looking for another word, and there are single word equivalents for "knowledgeable"...that don't use the root word requested.

    Lastly, v-/ו is a prefix meaning "and". Probably can figure that one out, but worth mentioning here.

    If you can accept words that use different roots, I may also suggest: "Shlomo ha'Khakham, ha'Tuvana v'ha'Baki, written שלמה החכם, התובנה והבקיא

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