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When is my ovulation day?

My period started on the 7th of November - 11th of November. My cycles vary from 20 days to 27 days . But mostly early. & my app is telling me im fertile 2 days after my period finished but i didnt think it would be that early? 

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    Ovulation occurs half way through the cycle. However long your period typically is, divide that in half. Counting your first bleeding day as day one count forward to the half way point. Your ovulation is roughly around that time.

    Eggs are good for 1-3days

    Sperm are good for 1-7days.

    Depending on genetics and health of the egg/sperm person.

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    You can't depend upon an app to tell you when you're ovulating because the app gives a generalization or a guess

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    No one can tell you when you'll ovulate.  An app can't either.  All it does it make a vague estimate based on however the programmer of that app set up the calculation.  

    If your cycle is 20 days, you would indeed be fertile even while on your period, because sperm lives up to five days and in a 20 day cycle you would ovulate on approximately day 6 (assuming a normal luteal phase).   If you have a 27 day cycle, two days after your period ends would easily be in your fertile time because you would ovulate on about day 13, making your fertile time start on approximately day 8.  If you have a six day period, then bam, two days later you're in your fertile time.

    But again, NO ONE can tell you when you ovulate.  You have varying cycles.  But even if you had a perfect 28 day cycle every single time so far, anything can throw off any given cycle, making any counting day prediction completely inaccurate. 

    If you want to know when you ovulate, you need to track manually.  You would chart your symptoms, sensation, BBT, etc.   You can supplement with OPKs, but keep in mind that all those detect in an LH surge.  That doesn't guarantee ovulation.  

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    20-27 days is a fairly irregular period so if you're TTC your best bet is to buy an ovulation detection kit and test every day during the week or so after your period ends. It will tell you when ovulation is going to happen soon - it can't tell you the exact day- but pregnancy doesn't depend on the exact day so when you know ovulation is 'soon' then have lots of sex and hope for the best. Good luck. 

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    Find out about when you ovulate and how you can increase your chances of ... you to find out when you'll be most fertile, and what your due date would be if you got ... Your cycle starts on the first day of your period and continues up to the first day ... About 10 to 16 days before the start of your next period, an egg is released ...

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