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possible ways to get shorter?

i am really insecure about my height and i would like to know what possible options there are to ger shorter. I don't know if there are natural ways or oporations just so i know if i COULD do anything. i'm not planing on doing anything i would just like to know.

thanks for good answers!

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  • Bob
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    My (Japanese) wife felt that our daughter wasn't tall enough (despite being tiny herself) so she insisted that our daughter do jumps every day in an attempt to become taller.

    A number of jumping years later our daughter is now precisely 1cm taller than her mother and is still always the shortest person in her peer group. My conclusion is that the jumping didn't help in the slightest and that nothing overcomes genes.

    So if you're tall, there are no methods by which you can become shorter, although my (now ex) wife would tell you that if you never jump, you might get shorter.

    What can we take away from this?

    That some Japanese people have some bizarre ideas about human height and how it's decided.

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    No, you really can't get shorter. But there are things you can do to look shorter. Avoid clothing with vertical lines which elongate your look. Horizontal lines in clothing will draw the eye across instead. Don't wear heels or boots with heels. Darker clothing will minimize your size, but avoid all one color. Wearing several colors will (such as a lighter-colored shirt under a suit) will provide a horizontal line that will visually reduce your size.

  • Simple
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    4 weeks ago

    Hi. Just accept yourself. God made you this way. Just accept yourself and focus on helping people or your school work. Focus on other things. You may wear flat shoes, google on colors of clothes that make you look shorter. There are many advantages of being tall. Or you can drink less milk and eat less red meat and beef.

    God bless you.

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    I have a really big bust and there's nothing worse than being 5ft 10 in heels and ... Given that I don't want to lose much is there ANY way of getting shorter at all....if I ... Diet being poor can stunt your growth but it cant reduce your height if your bones ... I know you're probably just researching (and sorry, I can't help with the ...

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Have your knees compressed.  It's very painful and debilitating but it will reduce your height by a couple of inches.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Hunch over and become a hunchback. 

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