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Should I forgive sister who has no remorse for persistent attacks on me? If I forgive her spiritually does it mean I never feel anger again?

Does forgiveness mean I am never again angry at her? Or does it only mean I don't wish hell on her but wish bad luck? Does it mean I never vent to my father about her again? Does it mean I reach out to her? Our father even says she is the problem, not me.

What does forgiveness mean in the Christian sense?

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    Forgive her in your heart immediately... but forgiveness doesn't neccessarily mean immediate restoration of the relationship.  If she comes to you asking you for forgiveness, and then re-establishes trust (over time) then of course the relationship can be restored.  Then you can heal together.  If she doesn't want your forgiveness, you can't force it on her, obviously.  But keep it in your heart.

    There are two kinds of forgiveness.

    The kind that says "I'm better than you... so I'm doing you a FAVOR by forgiving you."

    Then there's the kind of forgiveness that says, "We all need forgiveness. We are all a mixed bag of evil and of good. Of course I forgive you... because I need forgiveness too."

    I grew up with a terrible sister. She ripped my thumbnail out with a pair of pliers when I was four. She stabbed me with a pair of scissors when I was eight. Every day she would torment and torture me. She would suffocate me with a pillow every chance by sitting on my face, while laughing like a hiena until I was on the verge of passing out.  

    I was frail, cute and tiny and she was twice my size.

    The truth is, she was jealous.

    Jealously turns to hate and hate will become murder if left to fester. Evil always finds its highest ground.

    I forgave her everything... 


    Because of what she did to me (and others in my family) I grew up to be a very hateful person... angry all the time. And I became abusive....

    That led me to remorse.

    I hated who I was.

    I despised myself.

    That self-loathing - being crushed by my own sins, crimes and evil - was what led me to seek mercy from God. And I was rewarded with eternal life in the process.

    So forgive everybody everything....

    Because YOU need forgiveness too.

    And if you don't forgive them, God will not forgive you.

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    A person can live a more loving and virtuous life by reciting the rosary every day with care and sincerity.

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    Forgiveness typically means that you strive to understand the particular character flaw(s) that typically, incite people to do what they do. Based on that understanding, along with the dictates of your Christian faith, you make a conscious decision to not hold it against them and you pray for them. This doesn't mean you have to continue to associate with them, or to keep suffering abuse, at their hands. Your father seems to know the truth. Ask him to "lay down the law" to your sister, telling her that such behavior will absolutely not be tolerated any more. And that a severe and certain penalty will be exacted of her, if it ever happens again.

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    Start by not hating her guts.

    Then movie to no longer wishing hell on her.

    Then try to be better to her than she is to you -- but avoid her when you can.

    No, Satan constantly tries to stir us up to anger. Don't pay any attention to him. Acknowledge anger, and then process it and let it go.

    Yes, share your burdens with your father, but remember to do to her as you would have her do to you.

    Ideally, yes, offering an olive branch would be a Christian -- or Jewish -- thing to do.

    Don't give her the power to make you miserable. Be happy just to spite her.

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    In the Christian sense?... acceptance of slavery.

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    Forgiveness means you have let go of past transgressions. But it doesn't mean you must continue a toxic relationship. It doesn't mean there are no consequences to future transgressions.

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    You can forgive her, but you don't have to let her take advantage of you again.

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