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Is this normal cockatiel behaviour?

I got an albino cockatiel 5 days ago he's still very scared of me and get's startled pretty offten most of the time when i put my hand in his cage he freaks out and flies everywhere, however i just put my hand in since he wasn't going the opposite direction once i got close and he didn't move at all. He was just standing on the perch i managed to slightly rub his belly then just took my hand out. Is that normal he was slightly hissing when i did that i can't find anything about it. And one more thing! He constantly stares off into space foccusing on nothing for a long time until i make alot of sound and he snaps out of it he does it alot at first i thought he did that cuz i scared him but even when i'm still for hours he will do that outta nowhere. Should i be worried?

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