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  did Thailand end ww11 war with usa?

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    There were several puppet governments the allies never recognized. There is no doubt they were governments (Vichy France for example).

    The government put in place by the Japanese as the result of the peace treaty that stopped the Japanese invasion is another such example.

    In the 50's that government was over thrown and the monarchy restored.

    To the best of my knowledge Thailand never fired a shot against the allies

  • 3 weeks ago

    Thailand did declare war against the USA and the UK, but it was a puppet state of the Japanese.


    "As a result of the contributions made to the Allied war efforts by the Free Thai Movement, the United States refrained from dealing with Thailand as an enemy country in post-war peace negotiations. Before signing a peace treaty, however, Britain demanded war reparations in the form of rice shipments to Malaya. An Anglo-Thai Peace Treaty was signed on 1 January 1946, and an Australian–Thai Peace Treaty on 3 April. France refused to permit admission of Thailand to the United Nations until Indochinese territories annexed during the war were returned. The Soviet Union insisted on the repeal of anti-communist legislation."

  • Joe
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    3 weeks ago

    There was a World War 11 ???   I must have slept through nine.....

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Thailand and the USA were never at war with one-another so there was nothing to end.  

    • Phil3 weeks agoReport

      Yes, they were at war with the USA in WWII.

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  • Lee
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    3 weeks ago

    World war 11?!?! When did we do 3-10?

    • Lee
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      Oh, you mean ‘WWII’ thanks for clearing that up, worried I’d missed out on 9 world wars, I don’t watch much news.

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