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Can rolled shoulders / hunch back be cured permanently?

I wear a posture brace and even after taking it off my posture seems totally straight compared to before I wore it. I was often told it looked like I had a basketball on my back and now after wearing the brace for a week my shoulders look straightened out.

 Is it really possible that my hunched back is gone after wearing a posture brace? Is it because of muscle memory? The brace was a good reminder to always straighten up and now walking with a straight posture feels natural to me. 


*rounded shoulders, not rolled shoulders is what I meant (sorry)

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    The posture corrector is helping those plagued with rounded, ... And what does it do to your body if you wear it for extended periods of time? ... people dealing with rounded shoulders and hunched upper backs. Even worse is the back pain, shoulder tension and headaches that can accompany this posture.

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