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Can Israel beat Hezbollah?

Just feels like Hezbollah are fearless and they actually fought Isis in Syria and captured 2 cities there. Also they won the 2006 war and they were just 10,000 civilians with weapons but now they are 70,000 soldiers with missiles.

Can Israel defeat them one day or not?


Also I'm half Lebanese and half Russian living in Russia and I just want to send middle finger to all Israel people 🖕

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    Privet, drug!

    Marhaban :)

    No, there is no way for Israel to defeat Hezbollah. On the contrary, Hezbollah will defeat Israel no matter what. Hezbollah IS fearless! They will stop at nothing to defeat and protect against ALL Israeli aggression. Hezbollah is growing ever more so, more and more people are supporting Hezbollah because they realise that without Hezbollah Israel would be able to do whatever the hell it wanted to. Israel will NEVER defeat them, ever! And you're right, Hezbollah DID fight ISIS, but the Western media covers it up and gives Trump (of ALL people) credit for defeating ISIS. Hezbollah is demonised by the Western Media because outlets like CNN, FOX News, etc. are all owned by the Zionists. Nobody realises that Hezbollah are the good guys. Even though I live in the US, I would rather be in Lebanon and fight Israel with Hezbollah than get drafted by the US Army to fight in some Zionist-sponsored war and inadvertently end up dying for Israel like TOO many Americans have done unknowingly.....

    With so many of us around the world like you and I, Israel better watch its collective butts because we'll kick them right out!

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    Russian/Lebanese have a very low IQ and are stupid idiots with racist hatred of everybody on eath, even themselves

    • Sofia4 weeks agoReport

      GavachoSr most Russians are much more respectful, civilized and a lot smarter than any retarded Jew from Israel 

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    A private militia funded by Syria and Iran is described as "civilians with weapons"!

    Also continues in the grand tradition of not understanding what "winning a war" means.

    To clarify: Winning a war means achieving one's objectives via military action. Hizbollah did not do that in 2006.

    • BMCR
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      I did not claim Israel won or even talked about it.
      My only point was that Hizbollah did NOT win of which you AGREE with me.
      Therefore, you agree that the asker was WRONG when he claimed " they won the 2006 war".

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    Israelis are too weak to defeat Hezbollah and without USA's help Israel would have been a past long ago

    Hezbollah defeated ISIS along with the help of Iranian army


    • Sofia3 weeks agoReport

      Couldn't agree more with you BravoSierra 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    if they wanted to, yes, easily.

  • TNO
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    Let's put it this way: Where is the head of the IDF right now? Not in a bunker like the head of Hezbollah. He talks a big game but his actions really betray a weakness on his part.

    The IDF did not perform as they should've in 2006. That is true, and for Hezbollah surviving that is taken as a victory. That is the victory they can claim, not that they did any lasting damage to Israel. Israeli infrastructure was inconvenienced at best, and did not have to be rebuilt like a significant portion of the Lebanese infrastructure. Less people on the Israeli side were relocated, and the amount of deaths of Hezbollah operatives dwarfs that of Israeli soldiers. You have to realize the term victory is subjective as, by other metrics, you can argue that Hezbollah lost.

    Let's be blunt: Israel can root out Hezbo, but that organization is like a cancer on Lebanese society so in doing so they'll have to destroy a good chunk of Lebanese society to accomplish that. Israel is not as cruel as some people portray; but, in an all-out war, Lebanon and Hezbollah would be utterly decimated. Look at Gaza for an example: Does anyone doubt that they can level that entire strip? That they haven't in order to eradicate Hamas should give you pause, and then I challenge you to look up military experts who actually praise the IDF for reducing collateral damage and saving as many lives as possible during unavoidable times of conflict. Apply that to Lebanon and you can see that there is a bit more nuance to how Israel handles terrorist organizations.

    Now, this is anecdotal, but I've paid attention to Israeli responses to Hezbollah and compared it to Lebanese responses to the IDF. The Israelis don't seem as afraid of Hezbollah as the Lebanese are of Israel, at least during times of heightened alert and fearing a conflict will arise. The Israelis don't deny that there will be rockets and that some of them will be in danger...but, there is more confidence in the IDF and that they'll protect them. The Israelis don't want war at all and actually want peace with Lebanon, but given their history they've steeled themselves to handle war as it comes. With the Lebanese, to me the dread is far more palpable. 

    You can live safe in Russia. No one cares. You can raise your middle finger but Israelis will ignore it and just go about their day.

    • and you have the courage to say they are not cruel as WE describe it !!!
      TNO, you should read more to be convinced that the Zionist state (Israel) is Apartheid and a war criminal temporary state.

  • Ludwig
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    4 weeks ago

    No. Hezbollah is the legitimate authority in Southern Lebanon, and composes a large faction of the Lebanese Army and government.

    • Robert
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      Ludwig wrote: "Hezbollah is the legitimate authority in Southern Lebanon": Hezbollah are an Iranian army in Lebanon, likewise in Syria, just as Islamic Jihad are in Gaza.

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    Yes they can, they just don't.

    Israel's military could literally destroy any four nations in the Middle East at once.  Hezbollah, Isis, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabbab and the entire military of Iran could join forces against Israel, and the IDF would wipe them all out before lunch.

    Israel has been attacked by every country they share a border with, and it didn't even disrupt their daily lives.  Your little vodka-soaked finger isn't going to bother them.

    • BMCR
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      How do you explain why ISIS has never attacked Norway?

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