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If Juventud Guerrera and Chris Jericho had matches in the current times, do you think they would be just as good as their WCW matches?

I actually think it would be just as good, or better even. They both are so much more experienced now, and have more knowledge in wrestling. They both can still go.

Even though Juventud doesn't take as many chances, he has gotten better at the technical side of wrestling, I think. Chris Jericho isn't in as good of a shape, or the athlete he was in WCW, he is still just as good in the ring, or better.

How do you think it will compare?

BQ: When do you think Juventud Guerrera was at his best, in terms of wrestling ability and talent.

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    It really depends what’s in the script... who’s the biggest draw and is he a draw because people like his winning or struggle.

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    Maybe so. Juventud Guerrera and Chris Jericho were great in WCW. Juventud could use some amazing high flying moves and he knows how to carry a match. Chris Jericho has a good arsenal of moves and he could work a high quality match with someone who's got good chemistry with him.

    I'd still say that they are much better now than in WCW. Jericho, particularly, has improved greatly from being a WCW wrestler. When Jericho is at his best, he can work an excellent match. His match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 19 is one of the matches that should be five star. There's also his match with Kenny Omega at NJPW which is definitely five star.

    Juventud may not be as good as Jericho but if he had stayed in WWE and wrestled regularly, he would potentially be one of the best wrestlers in the company. He is very underrated and if wrestled against someone like Rey Mysterio or Andrade Cien Almas then he can work a superb match because I think he works best with guys like those.

    BQ:I'll say the Indies. Juventud wrestled some great matches in the Indies particular in those promotions that are pro Lucha Libre.

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