Are kids from other States not wanting to move to North Carolina? Have many kids left North Carolina?

Why do no kids with their families from other states with little girls and little boys with a young Mom, and a young Dad with a little brother, and a little sister want to move from other states to North Carolina, anymore? Why does North Carolina have fewer kids who live in that state these days? there are not as many kids, like little boys, and little girls and children as there are when I go to my other state, in which I have mentioned, and in which I keep mentioning, which is in Florida. I have noticed that everywhere I go here, sadly, in North Carolina, I tend to see a lack of small children, and even pre teens, for that matter, like I do when I travel to other states?

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  • Andrew
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    8 months ago

    The population of Florida is estimated to be about 21,650,000. The population of North Carolina is estimated to be about 10,400,000, so Florida has more than twice as many people. There are more kids in South Korea than there are in Australia because South Korea has twice as many people. That's just simple logic. It's incredibly disturbing that you wander around looking for small children and are frequently disappointed when you don't find any. Do you have bigger problems than your pathetic obsession with North Carolina? Because people with demented minds that lean toward hunting down kids deserve to be behind bars. You had better think twice before posting disturbing confessions like this on the internet again. 

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