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"The Basics" for kids riding lessons?

I've been asked to teach a little girl (9) riding lessons. I personally have never gotten "riding" lessons. I didn't have my first true lesson until two years after I started riding, and it was more a training lesson to teach the horse, and I only had a few of those. I've learned most of what I know through (reliable) trainers who just so happen to post publicly (Stacy Westfall, and multiple Dressage trainers). I ride Dressage/Western Dressage but have dabbled in speed eventing. I have also been taught to start horses by a trainer in the area and she has given me the clear to start training my own client horses. But I don't have the facilities for that, so I want to teach riding lessons.

I plan to start on a lunge line first, in a sidepull for the little girl, until she is comfortable up to a trot controlling the horse fully herself. I just never had a set schedule for my own learning, just kinda jumped into it and learned along the way, and would like others' input on a kind of schedule to follow for her from their own lesson days. Like, day one, just letting her ride around and get a feel for it. Day two, teaching cues (walk, turning, stop). Etc. I am also teaching stall cleaning, grooming, etc.

What about posting? And stirrup-less work? When should those be introduced and how? I've taught people both but they weren't kids, and already knew how to ride. Any specifics I may be missing?

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    First, why would you use a side pull and not a regular bridle with reins, Lisa? I was no older than this child when I had my first formal lessons, and I always used a regular bridle with reins, not a side pull. My first instructor was a dressage competitor and a judge. Using a side pull (which is intended as a training device to teach a young horse how to steer) will only teach this child bad habits.

    Also, while longe lessons are an excellent way to start a young beginner, you have to KNOW what you are doing in order to teach a child to ride safely that way. And you DON'T, at least not right now. That's what my concern would be, if I were this child's parents.

    Do you have liability insurance in case of an accident, Lisa? If you don't, you have no business teaching kids until you get it. Is the facility where you plan to teach insured as well? Are you certified in First Aid and CPR? If not, you need to be. Do you or will you require the child to wear a helmet at all times when mounted, as well as appropriate clothing and footwear? Will YOU be a role model for the girl and always wear correct safety gear (including a helmet) at all times when mounted?

    You also need to make it clear in advance what your fees will be and what is covered in your lessons before you start teaching and taking on kids as clients.

    Source(s): Someone who's been there and decided that it wasn't worth the trouble.
  • Jack H
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    11 months ago

    You are not qualified as a trainer, do not attempt to learn *on the job*, take a course, courses before trying anything...

  • Amber
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    11 months ago

    Honestly I wouldn't even go there. Is the horse insured if this kids gets hurt? Are you insured or could you get sued for anything that happens to this child or the horse? I know in my country if you and the horse someone is training on it's insured you can find yourself in trouble. Your not a qualified instructor - that's who this child should be learning from since you don't even know where to begin. Lunge line is not a best start. It wont teach her to control the horse and lunging is hard on a horse.

    Lessons one is usually. Teaching to stop the horse. Ask the horse to walk forward. Turns in either direction. Her position. explain to her what the bit does in the horses mouth and that it can hurt so she needed to be gentle.

    Then it's just practicing those steps. People tend to try to rush into trotting and cantering asap but that just shows an instructor is not being thorough. The slow way is the fast way and if she has little balance, timing and co-ordination in walk she wont have them in the other gears.

    The parents are trying to find a free way to get their kid riding and it's not sensible. Please advice them to get her real lessons with someone who knows that they are doing.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    too many questions

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