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Is idly possible to attend a Private University for free if his FAFSA EFC is 0 ?

EGC 0 means he is 100% covered for his UC Universities and Cal State Universities expenses.

My son wants to go to Pepperdine University or USC Private University. His FAFSA EFC is 0 which means his college expenses are 100% covered for public universities in California. But what about Private Universities in California?

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    FALSE. It DOES NOT mean ANY of his college expenses are covered at public universities. If means he is allowed to receive 'need based' aid up to 100% of tuition, books, and room and board. MOST of that would be in the form of student loans.

    Also note: The calculation NEVER shows the family contribution at $0.00.

    It is theoretically possible to receive a full scholarship ANYWHERE, regardless of FAFSA numbers.

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