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Am I able to take myo inositol w/ microgestin BC?

I was prescribed microgestin 1/20 for period regularity (my testosterone as a 21 y/o woman is over by a # and that threw my entire period off.. gyn said I have an extremely minor/small case of PCOS bc irregular mens. Is my only symptom), but I wanted to know could I take myo inositol or something else to help me ovulate after maybe... idk, excuse me for what I don’t know seeing I’m not a doctor. My ob/gyn doesn’t even know what myo inositol is but I believe it’s only bc she wasn’t really educated on those supplements or pills so she didn’t want to suggest something she knew not too much about.. but I want my period to stay regulated but I want to ovulate as well. Years ago I had tri-sprintec birth control and it didn’t regulate my period after I stopped it so idk if microgestin will if/when I stop taking it... but any who, excuse what I don’t know seeing I’m not a medical student or anything of that such. No rude comments and thanks in advance for any help.

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  • MissA
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    The whole point of taking the birth control pill is that you don't ovulate. Combining it with a supplement intended to restore routine ovulation would therefore be dumb.

    No hormonal birth control can be expected to regulate your period once you stop taking it.

    I have not been impressed with the quality of research into myo-inositol but you are of course free to do what you like. FWIW supplements are basically unregulated in the US until and unless they kill a LOT of people, and they have no legal requirement to demonstrate that they actually work.

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