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Relocating to Memphis TN?

Can someone please give me some insight and opinions about Memphis TN. I am a single parent with a young child. Is Memphis TN safe to relocate to with a child. I'm being offered a job there I can't get here in Georgia and it's one paying really gd for my age. The job is near Getwell Rd Memphis TN. Is that area pleasant? Idc about minorities in neighborhood because I love diversity not boogie. 


What neighborhoods should I look into? Budget is to stay under 700 or 650 for a two bedroom apartments or condo rental. Just need to be safe where if I get home after 7pm fo work don't have to worry about getting robbed or shot walking to and from my vehicle. I won't have to worry about getting assaulted car broken into. Idc about neighborhood racial  makeup or unemployment rate as long as it's safe. 

Is gangs a problem there? Is it racists there?Neighborhood nd2 be near 5333 Getwell Rd

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    You may want to contact a real estate agent. Many do deal with apartment complexes and condo rental.  They would be able to tell you the better areas to live in. Figure out how long of a commute you want to work.  Also ask about schools in the area and day care.  

    You can also do a google search of the area for crime statistics 

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    Memphis is ghetto

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    Memphis is one of the worst per capita violent-crime cities in the U.S.

    Typically ranks in the top ten worst for violent crime.

    Recommend that you reside in one of the (much safer) suburbs.

    Getwell Rd is a major road that runs basically from north to south through the Eastern section of Memphis.

    Generally speaking, the eastern section of Memphis is safer, and the better suburbs border that end of Memphis

    >> What neighborhoods should I look into? Budget is to stay under 700 or 650 for a two bedroom apartments or condo rental. <<

    You're unlikely to find a nice place in a nice neighborhood at that price.

    >> Is gangs a problem there? <<

    In the lower-rent "districts": yes, of course.

    >> Is it racists there? <<

    Rampant. It's amazing how many times I've heard people make blatantly racist remarks - at length - and then - immediately after - assure me that they are not racist. I've not ever experienced such a thing other than in this region (I've lived many places) - and I hear it here *a lot*. I guess they are comparing themselves to hardcore racists and perceive themselves as not racist if they don't spend their time burning crosses in people's yards...

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    Getwell is a long road. The northern part of it, near the University of Memphis and Audubon Park is very nice. The southern part is not so nice. But one of the nice things about Memphis is that the traffic isn't bad, and you can live 10-15 minutes from your place of work, and choose the kind of neighborhood you want to live in. The cost of housing is still reasonable, too. The situation with the schools is complicated- there's a transfer system where you can apply to the school you want. The Campus School, on the campus of the University, is considered one of the best elementary schools in the city. The children of many professors go there. If you can get your child into that school (it's a matter of applying- not of test scores or anything), that would be ideal. 

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