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89 year old grandma?

I went to visit my grandma and took her some tacos but before I asked if she needed anything else she said to pick up some medication for my uncle and I did(his pharmacy is located inside a grocery store so I took advantage and bought some groceries he suffers from paranoia schizophrenia) I told her to ask uncle if he wanted food and said no. I got to grandmas house and we ate together. My uncle said he wanted a big grape juice so i went back to the store and got it for him. He then said he was hungry. At this point its already late and I have to get home to my kids so I offered to cook him something before leaving or make him a tuna salad(something quick) he refused and I told my grandma that I needed to leave cause of the kids. She starts crying and tells me to leave that she will drive to get him food. She cant drive so I told her to calm down I will go get him the food. I've asked her to come live with me but she doesnt like the kids cause they are loud. I love my grandma but what should I do? I don't want to stop visiting her.

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    You need to slow down, these are old people, they are forgetting you have children that you need to take care of and want you to stay and care for them. But you can't, your kids take priority, and you need to see to their needs, you can always return to your grandparents house another day. 

    Once you get home and settle your kids down, turn off your phone, slow down and have a good nights rest.

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    Honestly I would have just ordered Uncle a pizza and left.

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    i would just try to see them when youre not as busy

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    She is elderly and might have problems coping with life in general. I would see her but don't let them take advantage of you. One store visit is sufficient. Let them know that you will go to the store to get what they need but you are only making one trip so let you know bf you shop what they need in advance.

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