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Can someone please recommend a solution to my slipstream RGB keyboard causing my wireless mouse to become annoyingly slower?

Prior to just a few days ago i was using a J Burrows wireless keyboard/mouse combo (a cheap, no-thrills thing) for my keyboard and mouse needs and since i am a PC gamer, but not the type who ever plays keyboard and mouse games and even though it was basic as basic gets, it served my needs great.

However a few days ago i finally gave in to my temptations and bought a Corsair K57 RGB Gaming keyboard solely for the cool-af RGB lights :D

Thing is though it's keyboard only... so i chucked my no-thrills J Burrows in the bin but kept the mouse (keyboard was full of dust and gunk anyway, but the mouse was still ok)

The J Burrows ran at 2.4 GHz. I have my new RGB keyboard connected via a bluetooth dongle, but it has this "slipstream" thing... plus all my other usb ports are already taken... so now my only option is to use the usb hub i have plugged in with the original dongle for the J Burrows still plugged in and a separate dongle for the K57 plugged in directly next to it.

Since i did that, the keyboard works perfect... but the cheap mouse (still works) but it's like it's running at reduced capacity now (like often i'll have to double-click an icon 2 or 3 times to run it)

I have no problem getting a more powerful mouse (but not a really expensive one) because, as I said, I don’t do keyboard/ mouse gaming. What are some recommendations for a wireless mouse that’s not super expensive and won’t be interfered with by the K57 and it’s slipstream wifi dongle being right next to it?


Just abit extra because i know some one will mention this and i didn't have enough room to put this in the question... i don't sit at a desk and game. My PC is connected to my tv via HDMI and i use it as my entire home entertainment system... so i need both keyboard and mouse to be wireless.

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    99 Cent stores have sold nice $1.99 wireless mice.

    Gearhead sells some good ones.

    I have a Rock Candy brand one that works well, looks good. Was $8 at Staples.

    All my Logitech wireless mouses are great. Not expensive, about $15.

    I have gotten some Microsnot combo units with fair KB and mouse, $25.

    All my other ones are either wired or no brand name and model number.

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