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For the Hall of Fame?


games played: 2747 over 20 year career

hits: 3465

hr: 260

rbi: 1311

bb: 1082

ba: 310

obp: 377

sb: 358

ops+: 115

career war: 72.4

highest sinlge season war: 8.0


games played: 1988 over 17 years

hits: 2160

hr : 383

rbi: 1311 (weird!)

bb: 913

ba: 313

obp: 400

sb: 230

ops+ 141

career war: 72.7

highest single season war: 9.8

They are surprisingly close in career war despite Jeter's 3 more years in MLB. If Walker is about to fall off the ballot entirely, then Jeter should have to wait a few years for induction...but he won't....because his inflated reputation will get him in. I'm a fan of both players.... but the induction process just screams for an overhaul

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  • 3 weeks ago

    You're overlooking one CRUCIAL number that isn't even close, and that's hits. No one with over 3,000 career hits who is NOT not yet Hall eligible, tied to PED use, or Pete Rose, is NOT enshrined in Cooperstown. Jeter not only has at least 3,000 while Walker got nowhere close, Jeter stands at #6 of all time with 3465. Inflated reputation, my backside.

  • Bob
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    3 weeks ago

    I agree that the induction process is at best off and at worst it's a joke,but the rest of what you stated in your "question" is off.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Whenever someone tries to use WAR as part of a argument as what player is better, I'll ask this:

    Do you think Higuera should have won the Cy Young over Clemens in 1986? If so then you're an idiot.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I suppose if you didn't know one was a SS and another was an OF you make a decent argument.  Jeter's 72.4 is Top 10 all time for a SS.  Walker's 72.7 is 86th for a OF.  (and by all means totally ignore the post season)

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