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Should I respond to spam?

I've been getting these weird emails since around March this year. The email address is almost identical to mine (they have the same numbers in it & a dot in the same place - only difference is the name). The first one was just saying hi and that they wanted to tell me something, but after that they've all been really sexual. The last email asks me to just respond so they know I'm there. They've also referred to me by my first name, but that's not very shocking given my name is in my email. 

Might be unrelated, but I noticed these emails started around the same time I was getting equally weird phone calls (that I'm finally free from after changing my number). 

So... can I respond, or will I just be opening myself up for more scammers? IS this a scammer? It's just so odd how they don't add a link to any of their emails - there is no websites, nothing to download, no amazing deals they're giving me. And they keep emailing despite the fact that I don't respond. It's really tempting, but I figure someone who understands cyber security better than me can tell me why I should or shouldn't answer...

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    Each time to receive spam mail, mark them as spam in your email application. Let your email provider take care of it. If it's always from the same address, block it - send straight to trash.

  • 10 months ago

    No never respond to any type of SPAM. The first time you do they have you. They know they have an active account to use and possibly sell to other spammers.

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