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Should I put cooking oil into my ears to soften the wax and clean my ears?


When I was small, my mother used to put cooking oil in both my ears and used a hairclip to remove wax. I think it can be done but just wanted to see if (1) it's normal or done by most people, (2) it's not harmful, (3) there's a better alternative because oil in my ears is icky and feels dirty.

Update 2:

By drugstore do you mean pharmacy? Because that is not a common term where I am from.

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    Do NOT use cooking oil.  If your mother did that, she was foolish. She was also foolish to stick a hairclip into your ear. NEVER do something like that.

    Some people have used warm olive oil, but it's best to buy an ear cleaning kit or have an ENT doctor or nurse clean your ears.

    Yes, drugstores and pharmacies are the same things. In the UK, they may be called "chemists".

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    A drugstore would be places like cvs, Walgreens, places that fill prescriptions but also sell over the counter meds. However, I would go to a doctor to get ears cleaned 

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    Do not do it.This can cause hearing loss as well as damage to the ear. There is an age-old proverb which says, “Put nothing in your ear smaller than your elbow.”

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    Hi, I'm not a doctor at all. but I would say no. If you can, go to an ENT, and ask if they can clean your ear with a syringe. Really fast and thorough. Just my opinion though. It seems like the safer option though. Good luck! :)

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    That doesn't sound like a good idea to me. What I do is during a shower, I direct a (low-pressure) flow of warm water into my ears, and afterwards I use a Q-tip. Gets the job done !

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    Go to your local drugstore and buy "Debrox" instead.

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    No. You can try baby oil once (as per my ear doctor), use NO cotton ear swabs. It is best to go to the ear doctor and have the wax removed properly.

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    I feel like this is a troll question, but just in case, I'll answer seriously.


    The answer is no.  For starters, a normal person should never need to clean their inner eat at all because it's self-sustaining.  As for the outer ear, just use a washcloth with hot water.

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    At drugstores you can buy a little kit that contains a small bulb syringe to put warm water into your ear canal. It also furnishes a softening oil specifically meant for your ear canal. After use, you can lie down with your treated ear downward to aid the cleaning process.

    Cooking oil is probably not the ideal way to deal with ear wax.

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