What is Naruto's secondary element?

I know that Naruto's primary element is Wind, and that he is later able to use all elements such later on, but I am writing a fanfiction wherein Naruto will discover his secondary element once he's made some progress in wind. In this fic he probably won't be achieving all of the elements like in canon.

Was it ever mentioned what Naruto's secondary element would be? And if not, what element would suit him best as a secondary?

At the moment I'm edging towards him having water nature as a secondary. But that's only if he doesn't already have a secondary nature in canon

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  • 8 months ago

    I don't believe any such thing was mentioned as I don't think Naruto HAD two affinities.

    If you're going to make one, I would pick one that story-wise, further binds him to Sasuke.  Remember that Sasuke had fire and lightning which had Naruto directly in between as wind.  Yamato or Kakashi were explaining this to him as bad news because it meant Sasuke would have an advantage over him, but Naruto saw it as meaning they were perfect complements to each other.  It was a nice character moment.

    So do that.  Either pick what's on the other side of lightning (Earth I think?) or water which fire is weak to.  That would enhance this story nugget.

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  • 8 months ago

    So I'm only caught up on English boruto, but I don't recall him ever having a second element. The fox is sort of his jam.

    As for what his second would be, earth and lightning are both immediately out of the question. Those seem very unlikely for him. Honestly, water seems the most likely. Fire would probably be second most likely but I'm not sure if ninja can have elements that compliment each other. During training Yamato mentioned that wind style strengthens fire style. I'm not sure if it's a luck thing to have 2 elements that compliment each other or if its just not possible. I don't recall any shinobi that has something like that. I'd say water would really be the only option.

    • LabraBell8 months agoReport

      To be honest, this was essentially what I figured too. All of the characters who have two elements listed in their info sheets tend to have contrasting elements so it does make sense. Thanks for the answer.

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