Is it normal to like love live?

I became overly obsessed with love live in 2018, it’s part of the reason why 2018 sucked for me, I liked it a lot until one day where I was going through google images and saw you and maki with men, so that ruined it for me, it should only be yuri considering that there are no boys and it’s girls only. My favorite animes right now are my hero academia because of Ochako uraraka (best girl) and naruto because of sasuke uchiha (best boy) those animes are fun to watch because they are very action packed, however love lives setting is to realistic for it to be normal to like to me, I like the animes where it’s something you can’t do in real life like the ones I just mentioned but I don’t 

know do any of you think it’s normal to like?

2 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    It's normal to like any show.  Fanfiction is fanfiction, it's not really tied to the story in reality.  Especially if it's getting into Rule 34 it can get weird.  Doesn't have to be taken seriously.  But Love Live is a perfectly good show and there's nothing wrong with liking or disliking it.  Slice of life realistic type stories are a huge genre on their own and there's many anime in them.  For me personally Love Live Sunshine is one of my favorites.

  • 3 weeks ago

    So you were searching for lewd images and found one that didn't match your tastes, and then decided not to like something anymore? Considering your bizarre standards for liking or not liking something, whether or not it's actually normal to like something is pretty irrelevant. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with liking stuff that is 'realistic.' They make slice of life anime for a reason.

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