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Draught proofing skirting boards?

I don't know a lot about this kind of stuff, so sorry if I use the wrong terms.

We live in an old bungalow and there are 2 rooms that have been freezing for years. Both have a concrete floor covered with underlay and carpet. While redecorating one I noticed the carpet against one wall was absolutely FREEZING to the touch and I later pulled up the edges of the carpets in both rooms and took a candle around the edges of the skirting boards. The candle never blew out, but it was flickering like crazy in many places. 

So I sealed around the problem walls with silicone sealant and let it cure then took the candle around again. Thing is, it doesn't seem to have made much difference! The candle is still flickering a lot and the floors and rooms are still really cold!

What should I do? 


I sealed around the wall in the gap between the skirting boards and concrete. Sorry, I should've been more specific.

Update 2:

We don't have a basement.

Top of the skirting boards have also been sealed with caulk.

Our windows are all double glazing

Update 3:

If it makes a difference, which it probably does, all the walls effected are outer walls on the edge of the house so there're no other rooms on the other sides.

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    Go to an outer wall and take off the electrical plate  around an outlet.  You don't get much of a view past the electrical box that holds the outlet but if you can see past using a flashlight see if you can see PINK or Yellow insulation  If you can see clearly to the outer wall plywood then it is not insulated. OR YOUR Problem. The outer walls are the walls that get the insulation. So it is gonna be a cold winter.

    Flickering candle is not the best tool to use.  Better is a PUNK which they use to light firecrackers with.   As that is a seasonal thing then the Scented sticks they use to hide odors with a smoke stick...they are essentially Punk sticks that continuously glow.   You can buy those at a boutique type store.(I forgot the name, tip of tongue thing)  watch the smoke.  That shows air movement.  There should be no air movement in the house.  Find the leaks and caulk them.  It will help a bit.

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    next bit:  what is under the room?  if there's a crawl space, look into it and see what insulation is under the floor.  [my guess would be zero.]  hen look at the edges of the crawl space ... what prevents cold wind from blowing right through?.

    and then there's above the room ... what's up there?  any insulation at all?  I have 25 cm insulation above my ceiling and I live in central Florida.  My son-in-law in Vermont has twice that much.

    Go look, then tell us.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Silly question:  Have you inspected the exterior walls where the draft seems to be coming from?  Has the integrity of the exterior sheathing/siding/etc been checked?

    Also rather than a silicone sealant perhaps a foam insulation would work better?  

  • 3 weeks ago

    Ideally you need to insulate the concrete floor. The standard method is to lay 'Celotex' type insulation board followed by chipboard flooring. Carefully remove the skirting first and refix it later at the new level. Stick it back with solvent free 'No more nails'. This is not a cheap fix but it will transform the room temperature. Use a quality wood glue on the chipboard tongue and grooves or they will squeak annoyingly when walked on.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Is your basement insulated? We dealt with a cold room by putting Mylar under the carpet to reflect the heat into the room.

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    3 weeks ago

    What about at the top of the skirting board. Between the board and the wall. Sounds like you don’t have any wall Instillation.

  • 3 weeks ago

    There are clearly still draughts which you haven't identified yet.  Off the top of my head I'm thinking doors, windows, ventilators and so on. I suggest you continue prowling with your candle until you have more success. Another thought, do you still have the old single pane windows? They can lose you a lot of heat, as can the ceiling if there's little or no loft insulation.

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