DnD. Help on a character build.?

I'm deciding to do a demon character that will be from hell and abyss. Goal is that the character will be thriving on damning and reaping souls of those I deem morally wrong, and capable of utilizing magic (ideally fire and flames). 

I have seen some things like succubi. But not sure it's the right fit, give me some ideas on what I can do. 

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  • 9 months ago
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    If your DM is allowing that they are the most permissive DM I've ever seen.

    I haven't DnD'd in a long time, but back when I did, there was a couple races that were supposed to be half-angel or half-demon respectively.  Not literally half, but SOMEWHERE in their ancestry they had demon/angel blood.  The Tiefling was the name of the demonic one.  And I believe they tended to be good at sorcery magic.

    The damning and reaping of souls is probably not something you're going to find rule support for.  Dnd 2e lasted a looooong time, and by the end there were so many sourcebooks and expansions that stuff got really goofy, so there might be something in 2e that could be adapted.

    But if I were you're DM I'd say 'no' to this idea.  The problem is that these sort of tertiary rules tend to NOT be playtested well, or at all.  They're unbalanced at ridiculous.  For example, we had a crazy person join our group once who wanted to play a hill giant, found some obscure book that published rules for it, and therefore thought it was canon.  The character would have, at level 4 or 5 (he was joining an in progress campaign) been able to do a boulder hurl maneuver that would have done 4 or 5 times as much damage as anyone else in the party.  It was so egregiously unbalanced that my DM and I laughed out loud when we saw it.

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