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Is CO2−3, HCl a conjugate acid-base pair?

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  • 10 months ago

    Bob, to provide a bit of clarification on your recent questions:

    A conjugate acid-base pair will always consist of two species that differ ONLY in the presence of an additional H+ on the conjugate acid as compared to the conjugate base. 

    So the conjugate acid of the base CO3^2- is HCO3^-. While HCl is an acid, it is not the conjugate acid of a carbonate ion.

    In one of your other questions, you had on component the phosphate ion, PO4^3-. The conjugate acid of this would be the hydrogen phosphate ion, HPO4^2-. The other species in that question is a very different ion with a different number of oxygens. Those two cannot consitute a conjugate acid-base pair.

    Hope this helps...

  • 10 months ago

    No .

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