Is This Screen Burn On Samsung Tv?

I just got a Samsung TV, It is a 2016 model. 

This big round black smudge is on the screen and streaks In different directions. Even after just 2 minutes of being left on one image, the words and image are left ghosting Only in the spot that has this black tint

Also this smudge disappears with higher saturated colors and is unseen in bright photos or videos. But go to a more dim movie scene, or color and it sticks out as a black smudge.

If you get close to the screen it has the colors of a healing bruise mixes of purple, green, yellow then at times just plain black.

The smudge cannot be seen on all white, al black, bright colors of any kind

But can be seen on dim colors of any kind, such as the grey on YouTube, and purple on roku.

I have tried pixel fixing videos  and after one hour of doing that the main black smudge had a thick line through it completely fixed and displaying correctly. The rest was still messed up.

But it did fix in areas.

I have cleaned the screen carefully and it is completely clean and dirt free.

I have restarted the tv, left it off for 48 hours, left in on for 12 hours. 

Tried the stylus pressure tip, that did nothing

I also tried the tap the corner tip and the spot didn’t even fade for a second

If I get a Q-tip and slightly and gently rub, the black moves around and turns brown. Sometimes it even makes a clean working streak in the black smudge.

Please help! Can I fix this at all? Without contacting Samsung or a repair center.

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  • 8 months ago
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  • 8 months ago

    This is called "burn in" the only way is to change the TV.

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