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Finally got around telling him I’m getting an abortion?

I finally got around telling my husband I am having an abortion. he was being manipulative and hinting a divorce. He said coworkers were talking about divorcing to get welfare. That if it wasn’t for my immigration situation we would have done it. Then later acts as if he never even brought up divorce. we are having so many issues and he lately decided he will not help with childcare. I had to quit my previous job because my whole paycheck was going to childcare. Now he is slowly trying to not pay hospital bills. when we found out I brought up adoption for the baby and abortion. He said we would figure it out. I can’t bring another child into this world if I can’t care for it. And I know I cannot count on him at this point. When I finally got around telling him I was set on going with the abortion he is telling me that I might as well leave because he will not stay with someone who aborts his child. But then why would I stay with someone like this? He doesn’t want me, he is cheating and thinking divorce but he wants me to keep a child he knows he won’t care for? I feel like at this point if he wants to end things let go ahead. Because I’m already seeing a lawyer  I just don’t understand why he would want to play the victim as if this is a good reason for him when clearly he is the one creating problems. 

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  • Leto
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    8 months ago
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    People play the victim to get sympathy and attention.  Do what you need to do to take care of yourself.  He clearly won't man up and take responsibility.  

  • Jason
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    8 months ago

    When your child may be around 10 months old when he/she starts to react to you and smile at you making you his/ her favourite person, you would realize how foolish the idea of abortion would have been

    Suppose you decided to have kids later on in your life and that child begins to behave as I mentioned above, you will regret your MISTAKE OF ABORTION which has happen earlier in your life and that regret won't go, believe me!

    Don't do a thing which you will have to regret at a later stage in your life, your hardships now will ultimately end with time

    I hope you would think twice!

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    • Jordyn8 months agoReport

      And trust me I am ready to deal with the consequences of regretting. As I’m talking I already have regrets because I have two kids so I know how it is but at the same I know it won’t work if I keep a third one. Thank you for you comment though

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  • Layne
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    8 months ago

    This often hurts kids when parents only think of themselves.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Ah, it's post # 347 today from our resident "Confused" troll. 

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