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Should I tell my sister what she wants to know?

I have a 14 year old step sister Nancy, my stepmother’s daughter that is my best friend. I really like her. I am a 19 year old guy. We are very close. I try to be very protective of her. She has developed into a beautiful girl. She recently ask me to tell her about boys and sex. I think it is VERY IMPORTANT that she know the facts especially about sex. I don’t want her pregnant. I told her I would prefer she talk to her mom about this. She said it would be to embarrassing to talk to her mom and she wants me to educate her about these subjects.

Should I tell our mom about here asking about this and ask her to talk to Nancy or should I tell Nancy the facts about her body and how to prevent pregnancy. Nancy trust me completely and feels she can talk to me about anything without embarrassment.

Mom and teenage girls, PLEASE give me some advice her. I only what is best for Nancy.

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    You tell her Mom that Nancy is curious and has approached you with this request and you know that it is 100% inappropriate for you to be the source of sexual knowledge and that you will NOT talk to her about it but that Nancy needs to know.

    In my entire life, I have never met a 14 year old person who didn't already know what sex was and how it led to pregnancy. They might not know how to prevent pregnancy.. but they know what causes it.

    Ridiculous that she's come to her 19 year old brother about this. Just refuse and let her Mom know that She MUST discuss this with Nancy.

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    i think her mom should talk to her about it

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