I have to debate the against side of the death penalty for a debate? What are things you would say that I can try to refute?

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    8 months ago
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    Civilized societies shouldn't employ civilians to kill their own civilian citizens.

    Death penalty is ineffective in deterring crime.

    Errors happen - innocent people are killed.

    Life without parole is cheaper and just as effective.

    Criminal justice system is full of bias and "justice" is not applied equally/uniformly.

    Many people sentenced to death are mentally ill.  

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  • 8 months ago

    In situations of particularly horrible crimes of murder I believe the death penalty would be an absolutely reasonable and just consequence but I am totally against it. The preponderance of people on trial for murder have mental disorders, emotional disorders, extremely low IQs, and few have the resources to support a reasonable legal defense. People under those circumstances are far more likely to be convicted whether they did the crime or not. Some time after DNA testing became available a study in one state identified 1 in 5 people convicted and on death row did not commit the crime. Taking someone’s life as punishment is an absolute measure yet a court is not capable of determining guilt with absolute certainty. With modern DNA and forensics it is not uncommon to find people who have been in jail for many years for a crime for which DNA proves they are actually innocent. They can be released from jail but people put to death cannot be brought back to life. It is totally unacceptable to execute even one innocent person, ever. I totally believe some people deserve to be put to death for their crimes but knowing that some innocent people will be put to death by accident is a deal breaker. A society that accepts the unavoidable fact that some innocent people will be executed in an effort to punish the guilty is barbaric and blood thirsty.

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    8 months ago

    So you are for the pro-side?  Well, some of the main arguments you might run into are:

    1. Costs of the DP vs LWOP

    2. Innocence issues

    3. Race of victim effect

    4. The arbitrary and capricious nature of charging

    5. The bias in a death-qualified jury

    So study up on those issues.

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