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Batman vs Robin: Have they ever fought each other in the comics?

Maybe out of frustration or confusion. If so, what happened. Thanks


To the person who said "yes. why do you think Robin turned into Nightwing?".....How was i supposed to know that? I dont even know anything about comics. You go around leaving rude ignorant comments. And the worst part is that your at Level 7 and still acting like a kid.

Update 2:

And you didnt even answer the question correctly and give details

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    Here's another example, but these newest movies are just not worth watching, in my opinion.

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    This just based on keyword search on YouTube

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    Batman fights "a" former Robin, Jason Todd

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    Yeah they’ve fought, check out the amazing under the red hood movie for Jason Todd coming back to life and fighting Batman, or check out the not very good Batman vs Robin movie to see the court of owls convince Damien that Batman should be stopped. Also Damien fights Bruce in the Injusice games so check those out.

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    Di©k Grayson (first Robin) became Nightwing because he didn't like how Batman (Bruce Wayne) was doing things. There's even stories in which Di©k Grayson became Batman.

    Batman VS. His Sidekicks, Batman always wins.

    Jason Todd (second Robin) was killed by the Joker and later returned as Red Hood.

    Tim Drake (third Robin). He later became Red Robin.

    Stephanie Brown (forth Robin). She was only Robin for a little while, then she became the 4th Batgirl. Or 3rd if you're looking at the Bat time line and not the comic time line.

    Damian Wayne (fifth Robin). He's the current Robin and is the son of Bruce Wayne and Taila al Ghul. And the grandon of Ra's al Ghul.

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    yes. why do you think Robin turned into Nightwing?

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