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My landlord lied to me. What can I do?

We just moved in and my landlord (the home owner) said he had cleaned the house. He did not. Total lie. There's spider webs, cobwebs, etc - around all the lights in the house. The floor is dusty. It's so bad the bottom of my feet are black and my throat hurts. There's dust on all the blinds. One of the showers doesn't have hot water. I mean.. apparently he didn't care to clean at all. Even the front yard is a train wreck.

What can I do? What would you do? With what we're paying - this is absolutely ridiculous. Advice please.


My response to some of the answers:  We looked at the house in October. Everything looked fine. Obviously, we weren't barefoot to see the dust on our feet, we didn't run our fingers through the blinds, and we didn't turn on any of the showers. Who would? But yeah it's the principle of it all. He said he would have the house cleaned and he didn't do it. He had a month and a half. There's stuff laying all over the lawn.

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     It is not legally required to clean. Yes they should but it is not required by law in most states.  It is legal to rent a dirty house.  Lying about cleaning is not illegal.  They did not break any laws = there really is not anything you can do.  Take pictures to document move in condition and clean it.

    You have NO negotiating power here. You are NOT entitled to 1 mo free rent.  The most you can do is ask for a reduction in security deposit but he has no legal obligation to do so.  If he agrees to anything then you need to get it in writing. 

    DO NOT withhold rent like that moron suggested. That would be illegal, get you evicted and possibly sued.   If you have signed the lease then you cannot just change your mind either. The lease was legally binding the minute you signed it.  They can charge you what ever lease break fee was stated in the lease even if you never move in. 

    This is a prime example on why you need to view the unit & confirm it is ready before you sign or pay.  I have always done that with my tenants. 

    Yes it is gross, shady, poor business practices & he is a crappy person but again - none of that is illegal. 

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    Dd not you have a chance to look before moving in?  Did you?  Did you see the problems?  And moved in anyway?

    Your problem, start cleaning it up.

  • Judy
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    Grab a dustmop.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Why did you accept it under those circumstances ? ?

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    First. Photograph everything. Then call him and ask him when the cleaning crew will arrive as they have not been there yet. Then negotiate. Inform him that you will not pay a dime in rent until the apartment is in move in condition. Then suggest that you will do the cleaning in exchange for a month''s rent. He will counter, and you might end up with a couple of weeks. If you come up with an agreement, get it written down and signed, or at least have him send a text to you with all the stipulations so that it is completely plain that he is agreeing to the discount. Or if you don't want to clean it get him to agree that you can hire a service and deduct it from the first month's rent. Again, remember nothing is an agreement until it is in writing and acknowledged. Short of that just don't move in. But still document with photos so that you can show cause to have changed your mind.

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    Cobwebs and dust on the floor can be cleaned in half an hour.

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