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Is it fair that if you are on parole that your are still listed as an offfender on the Department of Corrections website?

I am on parole after serving time in prison. I am keeping out of trouble and doing my best to get back to normal after messing up. But just being on the website makes it harder to live a normal life.

I had been seeing a girl for the first time since getting out and just wanted to let her to get to know me but she found me listed on the Department's website without me having a chance to tell her myself.

I have served my sentence but just can't get away from what I want to move on from

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    You really have no one but yourself to blame. Your only hope is to find someone who doesn't care that you're a parolee.

  • 9 months ago

    Yes, it is fair that someone CURRENTLY serving a sentence is listed as such. Until you COMPLETE your parole, you HAVE NOT served your sentence.

    Note: Even after you COMPLETE your sentence, you are still an offender.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Do the percentage of offenders who re-offend, yes, I think it is fair.

    If you DIDN'T want to be listed on the sex offenders list FOR LIFE you should have entered a not guilty plea, gone to trial, been found not guilty.

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    9 months ago

    Yep ...............................................

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  • 9 months ago

    The person in Congress who might be able to help make changes to this double-punishment system is Illinois Representative Dick Durbin, who has sponsored more than one bill for prison and sentencing reforms.  

    Until the changes can be made, however---be completely honest with people, especially young women you want to date.  "I've done some prison time," is a simple way to get the topic out of the way.  GW Bush, when asked if he had ever been addicted to cocaine (he was and was put into a secret rehab by his CIA dad), replied, "Let's just say that when I was young and stupid, I was young...and stupid."  This is rather intelligent, actually...a way of admitting the truth without actually saying anything.  Talk honestly about the prison experience and you just might spark empathy and understanding.  Another option: Run for local office.  Use the incarceration as a theme: "I've looked at life from both sides now" (as the song goes), and let the voters know this gives you a better perspective than most people have.  

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