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Would someone be kind enough to do the math for me.  Thank you advance.  ?

THC 19.3   Normal, 4.7 or under

If 2.5mg decreased THC levels to 16.5 after 3 weeks and dosage was increased to 5mg for the next 3 weeks which resulted in a THC level of 8.4  How much should the next increase in dosage be.


@az_lender --

True and I agree but it's also  a math question. She was doing some calculations and when I got home I couldn't replicate her result.  I'm micromanaging another new vet.  Took cat to a new  vet for something else and hyperthyroidism was discovered 6 weeks ago.  Yes, I did think she was under medicated the first time and called with my concerns and I was right.   Decided to have the 3rd blood draw to check THS levels done by a vet at a pet hospital I took cat to for something else

Update 2:

az_lender ----  As for 6 mg.  Vet prescribed  a much  higher dose.  I disagree and was thinking 6.25.  The medications does not come in 1 mg tablets.  Thank you !

Update 3:

@Minnie --- that was nice :)  Your answer doesn't show but in the states, no one says that till after turkey day.

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    Doesn't appear to be a "math" question.  Dosage of WHAT?  If the "dosage" is a dosage of an otherwise harmless substance, the next increase in dosage should be quite small, because we don't know the mechanism and therefore cannot predict the effect of increasing the dosage to (let's say) 6 mg.  Try that and see where it gets.

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