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Thanksgiving is in a little over a week.How do I handle the pain of Thanksgiving when half my family has rejected me due to parents' divorce?

Ever since my parents divorced my Dad and his family have rejected me cause of my Mom. My father will see me on occasion but not holidays cause of his new wife and him loving her and her kids more then me. I feel 2nd rate. Also his family does not wish to see me cause they took his side and see me as a product of my mother. My paternal grandparents were wonderful to me but they have died. The aunts and uncles wish no contact with me as well as my cousins, some of whom have blocked me on Facebook post-divorce.

All this has evolved over the past 5 years and it really hurts. My mother almost likes it cause it proves what a loser her ex-husband was. Yet for me it is a deep pain that opens the most between Thanksgiving and New Year. I am aged 20 and was 14 when my Dad left us for this woman and her kids who he likes more.

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    I'd plan myself an awesome vacation or cruise.

    You simply need a new routine not with mom or dad...just give yourself a gift of time and something different.

    Second  marriages, step monsters and new step kids he's got to be the hero for all of them.

    I remember when my mom had a new bf over for the holidays it was awkward. I made sure I went skiing, or to someone's house who wasnt family.

    Or cook your favorites and relax. One holiday I got new pjs, coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, at store not traditional items, favorites and I ate and slept all day felt great.

    Just tell family going to friend's house.

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    Realise that your Dad's poor choices in life are a reflection of himself and not you. Just because he can't see what treasures he chose to throw away, doesn't mean those are not extremely valuable. Some people chase the glitter and overlook the gold.

    Keep reaching out to his side and some day some will realise that they too can be happy with you as part of their family.

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    Maybe your neighbors can help and maybe you can tell family that you are feeling and you thank them for helping you.  Maybe a different outcome.

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    Go to Denny's for their turkey day dinner

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