Is this an example of him playing games with me?

I like this guy, he knows I like him.  He showed interest toward me in person.  He wanted to kiss me we talked about just sleeping together, he flirts with me.  Every time I question his sexuality, the next time I see him he flirts with me by putting his hands below my back and pulled me closer to him.  When I saw his twitter account using gay hashtags I made a big deal about it and told him I’m coming to see him to know the truth.  So he continued to do it some more....because he knows it bothers me and wants to see him so he continues to do it.  He never used gay hashtags on his Instagram account before I said something to him.  When I said something to him he used them on his Instagram account cause he knew I wanted to come see him.  He showed interest in women a lot more than men.  He knows if I see his friends at my work I think he likes me.  His friends knows who I am.  I told him in a Facebook message I don’t mind if his friends are there for the right reasons that he likes me and they show up to my work.  I don’t know the type of people his friends are but they are always smiling at me and positive toward me.  It’s his friends coming to my work and his gay hashtags are making things confusing.  I don’t get the impression he is gay in person so I don’t know why he’s indicating he is online. Is he playing games or should I talk to him and find out? 

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    9 months ago

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  • 9 months ago

    Yes, he is definitely playing games and he clearly enjoys winding you up.  Unfortunately, while he knows that you are interested in him, I'm not convinced he is interested in you.  He clearly enjoys the games he's playing, but when the time comes for action, he's still all talk.

    You say you've discussed kissing and discussed sleeping together, but not that you ever have.  He clearly knows you are interested, but he has never asked you out.  He will pull you close to tease you, but never to demonstrate genuine affection.

    His friends are warm towards you, but why?  What has he told them about you?  Do they think you are his GF?

    I think you need to sit down privately with him and ask him flat out if he's gay and using you as cover so he can stay in the closet.  And if he isn't, why he has never asked you out.  You absolutely definitely need to pin this guy down before he drives you mad with frustration.

  • 9 months ago

    Buy him a thoughtful gift, like a bag of dildos and some lube. Then take him out shopping and go watch a musical together, afterwards you can show him how to apply makeup. Why are you asking total strangers, who don't even know some fruit, why you're infatuated with him and his motivations? Get a clue, he likes the cack.

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