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Why are Christians so atheistphobic?

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    Because they are pissed atheists will not validate what they want to believe is true. They doubt their god exists and upset when atheists put a voice to that doubt. Atheists are the embodiment of their own doubts. It's not so much that they fear atheists than it is them being upset with atheist especially when they cannot convert them with atheist being impervious to their scare tactics.

    • Chaphaz Yahshua
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      A warning is a warning... take it or leave it, but it's only meant to help you. Ignorance is bliss only up to the point, where you have to face the truth that you put off. The person who gives you the message of truth isn't your enemy, it's all in your perception. 

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    You wish, pard. I'm not.

  • Paul
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    2 weeks ago

    Atheists don't arouse any fear in me. Just pity.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Why are you lying?  My atheist friends can tell you I'm not afraid of them.

    Source(s): Greek Orthodox Christian
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  • poldi2
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    2 weeks ago

    They are afraid of anyone that doesn't believe as they do.

  • 2 weeks ago

    I don't think you can run four consonants in a row like that 

  • I do not know any who are

  • 2 weeks ago

    Christians are only afraid of the wrath of God. And nothing else.  

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    They resent the fact that we can go through life without the paranoia of looking over our shoulders 24/7/365/ever to see if a giant beardy magic sky fairy, who hides behind 'his' clouds waiting for us to do something wrong, will swoop down and graaab us and put us in 'his' cooking pot.

    Mephistoph: “Christians and other theists are trying to live a life which is impossible to achieve. They are taught that they are born sinners and cannot help sinning because they are humans living on Planet Earth. Their messiah tells them in their sacred book that they are nothing more than filthy rags and their god will kill them in an instant if it wished.

    Their god promises them an eternal life in a kind of paradise/heaven where they will live forever with their messiah and god but they have to die first and there is no proof, so they have to live their total life trying not to sin and pleasing an invisible god nobody can see.

    It is a very hard life and they can never be sure of getting into heaven or even if it exists. They fear burning forever in a fiery place they call hell.

    Hell if for those who do not believe the things they do but their god can send them to hell if they disobey their god by working on a Saturday or Sunday (a denomination of their religion will authorise the day) or simply on a whim. The god is impossible to please and their holy book is full of examples where a pious person is made to suffer for a demonstration of the god's authority. The god even had its own child horribly murdered as a demonstration and it did not change anything for humans.

    It's a very tough religion to follow, in fact it's impossible. This could explain why Christians are very cold and hard people. They have been known to banish their own children from their homes for not taking on their religion.”


  • I would say they are more humanophopic.

    They get that from their god.

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