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Single parents: How do you deal with teenage son who has no tolerance to frustration ?

and takes his anger out on you

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    Simple,  talk to him that behavior will not work.

    When you act like that which is not thinking it through your video games will be taken away for a day.

    Act like that twice in one day no video games for 2 days.

    Id also be taking the cell phone away, no friends over.

    Therapy at school for anger management 

    Plus he needs more to do around the house, vacuum, dog, clean room.

    When the time is right I'd say being disrespectful to me will get you nothing but, extra work, no tv, no video, no phone...

    Plus, comment on behavior you want to see.

    As a side bar, Id let him know he can be removed from the house if you feel threaten and might be harmed in your own home.

    You've been a push over, no rules, or discipline so now the problem is worse.

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    I would have immediately had a talk with him about why he's angry to the point where he's taking his anger out on me. However I'd also tell him that I'm not going to tolerate being treated like that regardless of whether he's angry or not and discipline him whenever this happens ( nothing too harsh but it needs to be a punishment that he hates such as being banned from his favorite attraction for a week or two).

  • Pearl
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    9 months ago

    i dont have but if i did and he got physical he'd be going to jail

  • Jill
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    9 months ago

    My son has acted that way before and I just guilt tripped the hell out of him. I got upset and didn't speak to him for a while. He hates that. 

    He still loses it now and then but it's not directed at me. 

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  • PR
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    9 months ago

    Have him checked for food intolerances. Primary foods may be: peanut products; dairy/milk; wheat. Peanut can be a very strong offender.

    Consider whatever his favorite food is, to be likely contributor.

    Additionally, ask him what is up in his life? How are things going? Does he need any help in any way? Classes O.K., or too stressful? Anyone at school bothering him? Too much on his plate?

    Get a dialog going so you can be in better communication with him. Rather than letting his frustrations come between you, take this opportunity to learn more about him, even if he is being a bear. 

    Remember: This, too, will pass and you will still be his parent. Also, take time to do fun things with him, even if it is just taking time for lunch, out.

    If there are male relatives who can step in and help out, see if this may also help.

  • Rick
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    9 months ago

    Deck him a time or two, he'll GET the point !!! ...................

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